Weekly Review and Outlook

14th to 18th Feb 2022

Kar Yong
3 min readFeb 14, 2022


The S&P500 (equities in general) tanked lower just before the week ended. The recent conflict and a potential war outbreak between Ukraine and Russia are certainly affecting the markets. If this conflict continues to escalate, we’ll see the market rotate towards a risk-off sentiment, with the equities market continuing to head lower.

If you wish to understand more about the Ukraine and Russia conflict, this article here will give you a deeper understanding.

Will this eventually lead to a global world war 3? Is this gonna be a coincidence of events that was also mentioned in Ray Dalio’s recent book “The Changing World Order”?

In any case, as a trader and investor, it’s important we keep ourselves well-informed of what’s happening in the market, and to also always manage our risk well.

Here’s the review for the past week:

Year-to-date, my equities portfolio is currently down by -8.90%. Definitely not the best way to kick off a new year. But it’s part of the trading / investing journey.

If you’re feeling the nerve right now, ask yourself:

  • Do you have a trading plan or investment thesis?
  • What does it say or tell you to do during such situation?
  • Is the current drawdown under control? If not, what does your risk management plan tell you to do?
  • Why are you feeling worried or anxious? (likely you’ll answer because you’re losing money at the moment, but ask yourself further why is the current loss affecting you so much?)

Hope these questions can give you some clarity and help you in your investing processes.

*If you wish to follow and copy my portfolio, you can do so via eToro HERE.

Year-to-date, my FX trading portfolio has been overall great.

  • EA_Trader account: +10.90% YTD
  • CXM account: +12.06% YTD
  • CipherTrader20 account: +6.68% YTD
  • TraderConstant account: +8.42% YTD

These accounts are all running on expert advisors (EAs) aka robot trading. If you’re new to robot trading, I’ve written an article on it recently HERE.

*If you wish to follow and copy my FX trades, you can book an appointment call with my team HERE.



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